About Richard

Ayup, I’m Richard, I live in Yorkshire, though I can’t claim to be Yorkshire born (something for which I will probably never forgive my mother, though I believe I was Yorkshire bred, although I never actually had this confirmed by my parents!) I’m hovering around mid-fifties and I think about life quite a bit.

A 30 year career with the police service means I’ve experienced some of the darker sides of life, but I never allowed policing to define who I am. In fact, I still feel that I have more in common with my farming roots than the thin blue line to which I committed the majority of my working life. I love and care about the countryside and I care deeply about the planet and what we are doing to it. I worry though, that I’m a huge hypocrite for the way I live my life, so I’m looking for ways to reconcile the two.

Despite spending 30 years in close contact with some of the most challenging members of society (some police colleagues are included in that description), I have never lost faith in humanity. I have seen the huge obstacles with which many people are faced – life’s not a level playing field, but I am a firm believer that by investing in ourselves, we can all lead more rewarding lives.

I’ve also learned that we all need a leg up from time-to-time, myself included. It’s for this reason that in the final years of my police career, I began to retrain in hypnotherapy and other alternative therapy techniques. I now run a practice from home, primarily focussed on helping clients overcome anxiety-related problems. It’s hugely rewarding and I find I’m spat on far less frequently than in my last job!

I have a wonderful wife, two hard-working sons of whom I’m very proud and two dogs, one of which I love a tiny bit more than the other, but I won’t tell you which. 

I suppose I’ve always felt a sense of responsibility to do the right thing. That’s not to say that I’m a saint – far from it! I do however, look for ways to make a difference and I am constantly reinventing myself and looking for new challenges, either through choice or necessity. It occurred to me that there must be many others like me out there who feel the same, so I thought I’d set up these pages so that we can help each other out along the path of change. I’m very much looking forward to our journey together (damn it, I used the word “journey”. Now I sound like I’m a contestant on X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing).