Poo Trees

Why do some dog owners take the trouble to pick up their dog’s business, just to leave it hanging in plastic poo bags from trees and hedgerows like some nightmarish Christmas decoration?! (The advent of different coloured poo bags is assisting with this analogy).

I kid you not, I have often walked through woodland festooned with festering canine baubles.

I’m all for clearing up after your dog (in fact it can be quite a comfort for cold hands on a freezing winter’s day), but having bagged it, why not take the trouble to carry it to a bin, otherwise all you’re doing is introducing unnecessary packaging like Tesco or Sainsbury.

What’s more, some of this doggy doo has been collected by owners in places where it would be entirely reasonable to get a stick and flick it off the woodland path into the undergrowth where no one but a circus clown with size 45 shoes is going to step in it.


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